Senior Consulting Team



Founder Benjamin works with Consulting clients to help them through difficult times. The product of an Entrepreneur Father and a Nurse Mother, Benjamin is an effective combination of dynamic, visionary and comforting.

Benjamin sits on the Board of 5 Companies, invests considerable time with all his clients and has Consulting experience across a wide variety of projects spanning 25 years. He speaks four languages fluently with a working knowledge of several others, has a Double Degree and has an interest in Neuroplasticity, Autism and the capacity of the human brain. He has an ability to forensically analyse operations and the numbers in conjunction with strategic aims, business fundamentals and Company Direction-of-travel, combined with a human insight that understands motivations and tendencies.

With a refined ability to understand and visualise future moves, identify system stress points, address key actions and engineer meaningful, positive change in both Companies and people, Benjamin is loyal, passionate and discreet, with a wide-ranging knowledge-base.

Benjamin has qualified as both a rowing and football coach and loves a game of golf, a walk in the park with his dog and – having lived in Italy – a nice plate of pasta!

Christiane - Managing Director


Managing Director

Managing Director Christiane is highly sought after by clients thanks to her insightful, direct and highly professional approach.

Born in Berlin, Christiane brings considerable European-wide experience across a range of specialist areas including Productivity, Management Accounting, International Logistics and a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to day-to-day business problems.

Christiane currently sits on the Board of two Companies and is CEO of both. She is a key contributor to all Consulting projects, with an unmatched gift for cutting through the noise and zeroing in on critical detail.

Christiane regularly undertakes interesting studies and is currently focused on Leadership and Financial Accounting at Harvard Business School. She also provides Mentoring for the Future First Schools Support Programme improving social mobility and aspiration for children from under-privileged backgrounds.

Christiane is passionate about Horticulture – with a huge and productive forty-rod allotment! – and a love of tinkering, fixing things, travelling and a nice glass of wine….

James - Director



Director James qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1984, built a successful Partnership and has spent his professional life delivering support to SME clients. His specialisms include Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance and Growth Coaching for entrepreneurs.

James has always encouraged empowerment, helping clients discover and establish their own way forward in order to create resilient, profitable businesses. He has personally created an innovative Forecasting tool that has proved invaluable to clients as they monitor their own development.

James loves roaming the marshes with his dogs, the cricket and fine wines – his magnificent hydraulic, elevating wine cellar is a thing of wonder!


Non-Executive Chairman

Non-Executive Chairman Rodney is a self-made success with a vast wealth of business experience stretching back over 40 years.

A big-picture specialist with a remarkable empirical ability, Rodney poses fundamental questions and regularly challenges current orthodoxies. Non-judgmental, Socratic and collaborative, Rodney often contributes a great deal in few words.

With no operational responsibility, Rodney is able to quietly watch, think and occasionally intercede, offering a unique perspective that preserves fundamentals whilst examining change.

Rodney loves fine food and Carpfishing, is an excellent Scrabble player and likes nothing more than a wide-ranging chat about business and politics…



Turner European Consulting srl - Italy

Ragioniere Simone qualified as an Italian Chartered Accountant in 1993 and has spent his whole professional life supporting customers. Simone specialises in bookkeeping, accountancy, business plans, financial analysis and Company declarations and has worked with all kinds of Companies from Start Ups to large businesses.

In recent years Simone has focused on extracting key data using advanced software, building sales reports, legal compliance, Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and formal audits.

Simone is warm and great fun to be around. He is a keen cyclist and loves to cook, eat and share a good bottle of wine…bravo!

‘The TECL Senior Consulting Team work together across all projects in a powerful combined support package that ensures that Consulting clients of all shapes and sizes get an unrivalled service based upon their particular circumstances. There is no fixed blueprint, every project is personalised to the needs of the client’.