Consulting Site Visit

In the first instance we would be willing to visit you, your Company and operations to better understand both the support that you envision and the services that we can provide to you to help you achieve your objectives. In this initial fact-finding visit we would expect to spend a full working day understanding better your position, aims and potential direction of travel for all. 

Turner European Consulting Ltd

TECL work with Companies on an ongoing support basis to help them through difficult times. We own and run businesses ourselves and we have walked a mile in your shoes. We can help you and we will stay with you until you are confidently in control of your business again.


Consulting Site Visit

In the first instance we would be willing to visit you, your Company and operations to better understand both the support that you envision and the services that we can provide to you to help you achieve your objectives. This initial fact-finding visit would be at a cost of £300 and we would expect to spend a full working day understanding better your position, aims and potential direction of travel for all. A TECL Preliminary Report is produced at this stage as part of the evaluation process.

There will be no obligation following this visit on either side. It is our stated policy to only work with clients that we are confident that we can develop in accordance with their wishes and the requirements of their business. Some clients like time-limited, specific-objective models, whilst others continue to work with us after a decade or more of partnership. We have a number of potential support models, based on both what suits the client and the input required to achieve meaningful Company development. All such support models will come with a clear Commercial Agreement as standard with all clients.

Should you wish to proceed, we will send you a standard TECL Non-Disclosure Agreement in advance of our visit to protect both you and ourselves when sharing Company information.

Senior Consulting Team



Founder Benjamin works with Consulting clients to help them through difficult times. The product of an Entrepreneur Father and a Nurse Mother, Benjamin is an effective combination of dynamic, visionary and comforting.

Benjamin sits on the Board of 5 Companies, invests considerable time with all his clients and has Consulting experience across a wide variety of projects spanning 25 years. He speaks four languages fluently with a working knowledge of several others, has a Double Degree and has an interest in Neuroplasticity, Autism and the capacity of the human brain. He has an ability to forensically analyse operations and the numbers in conjunction with strategic aims, business fundamentals and Company Direction-of-travel, combined with a human insight that understands motivations and tendencies.

With a refined ability to understand and visualise future moves, identify system stress points, address key actions and engineer meaningful, positive change in both Companies and people, Benjamin is loyal, passionate and discreet, with a wide-ranging knowledge-base.

Benjamin has qualified as both a rowing and football coach and loves a game of golf, a walk in the park with his dog and – having lived in Italy – a nice plate of pasta!

Christiane - Managing Director


Managing Director

Managing Director Christiane is highly sought after by clients thanks to her insightful, direct and highly professional approach.

Born in Berlin, Christiane brings considerable European-wide experience across a range of specialist areas including Productivity, Management Accounting, International Logistics and a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to day-to-day business problems.

Christiane currently sits on the Board of two Companies and is CEO of both. She is a key contributor to all Consulting projects, with an unmatched gift for cutting through the noise and zeroing in on critical detail.

Christiane regularly undertakes interesting studies and is currently focused on Leadership and Financial Accounting at Harvard Business School. She also provides Mentoring for the Future First Schools Support Programme improving social mobility and aspiration for children from under-privileged backgrounds.

Christiane is passionate about Horticulture – with a huge and productive forty-rod allotment! – and a love of tinkering, fixing things, travelling and a nice glass of wine….

James - Director



Director James qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1984, built a successful Partnership and has spent his professional life delivering support to SME clients. His specialisms include Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance and Growth Coaching for entrepreneurs.

James has always encouraged empowerment, helping clients discover and establish their own way forward in order to create resilient, profitable businesses. He has personally created an innovative Forecasting tool that has proved invaluable to clients as they monitor their own development.

James loves roaming the marshes with his dogs, the cricket and fine wines – his magnificent hydraulic, elevating wine cellar is a thing of wonder!


Non-Executive Chairman

Non-Executive Chairman Rodney is a self-made success with a vast wealth of business experience stretching back over 40 years.

A big-picture specialist with a remarkable empirical ability, Rodney poses fundamental questions and regularly challenges current orthodoxies. Non-judgmental, Socratic and collaborative, Rodney often contributes a great deal in few words.

With no operational responsibility, Rodney is able to quietly watch, think and occasionally intercede, offering a unique perspective that preserves fundamentals whilst examining change.

Rodney loves fine food and Carpfishing, is an excellent Scrabble player and likes nothing more than a wide-ranging chat about business and politics…



Turner European Consulting srl - Italy

Ragioniere Simone qualified as an Italian Chartered Accountant in 1993 and has spent his whole professional life supporting customers. Simone specialises in bookkeeping, accountancy, business plans, financial analysis and Company declarations and has worked with all kinds of Companies from Start Ups to large businesses.

In recent years Simone has focused on extracting key data using advanced software, building sales reports, legal compliance, Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and formal audits.

Simone is warm and great fun to be around. He is a keen cyclist and loves to cook, eat and share a good bottle of wine…bravo!

‘The TECL Senior Consulting Team work together across all projects in a powerful combined support package that ensures that Consulting clients of all shapes and sizes get an unrivalled service based upon their particular circumstances. There is no fixed blueprint, every project is personalised to the needs of the client’.

Corporate Finance Services

Please note that TECL now specialise in providing a number of Corporate Finance services that are proving valuable to Consulting clients. These specialised services can include:

Commercial Finance Services

TECL is proud to partner with Lloyds Bank to provide Commercial Finance to SME Companies. Many growing business are required to provide 30 days payment terms to their clients. In time the client portfolio or sums involved may become so large that the process requires a financial product to sustain it. In this way Commercial Finance provides up to 90% of the value of any invoice you write to your clients immediately, directly into your banking facility. Products available include Credit Invoice Discounting (CID) and Factoring, depending on requirements and commercial circumstances. CID allows your clients to pay directly into your bank account, whereas Factoring sees a special, transparent bank-managed account set up that your clients pay into and that you can then ‘draw down’ from. Charges may be as low as 2% for such processes depending on circumstances. Any remainder percentage of the invoice total is paid into your account or facility upon full payment by the client. There is also a service provided to chase for bad debts or late payments. Commercial Finance products can be of great value to fast-growing Companies and can prevent over-trading (running out of the cash to fund your business, having more orders than you can afford to service or offering more credit to clients than you can afford to cover from your own cashflow). Commercial Finance is not suitable for everyone, so please do give us a call to discuss your requirements or even just to chat about whether you might need it. We’ll be glad to help you.

Consultancy Fee Promise

If we cannot help you, we will not charge you.

TECL Accounting & Financial Growth Services

*Now included free of charge as part of TECL monthly Consulting Support Packages*

TECL ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL GROWTH SERVICES are now included in all pcm Consulting Support Packages free of charge. These Services form part of our mission to support clients right across their Company needs, optimally refining and structuring accounts and Finance for all clients. This process encourages clients to become comfortable and focused on their numbers, their financial opportunities and their economic drivers. The same process also provides the background data for Due Diligence in the event of a Company Sale, Corporate Finance opportunities or requirements, Audit Trails or applications for Commercial Finance.

TECL Financial Operating Services:

TECL Financial Structure Services:

TECL Financial Growth Strategy & Forecasting Services:


Turner European Consulting SRL

Incorporation and establishment of a European-based Company to overcome challenges presented by Brexit, enable access to Triangulation, provide EU touchpoint and on-the-ground operations for Export and growth. TECS may assist with the following TECL services:

Turner European Consulting Ltd Shareholdings

Turner Kazakhstan Consulting T.O.O.

A strategic investment opening the door to Central Asia via well-connected, wealthy and influential Shareholder partners.

Norwich City FC Community Sports Foundation

Norwich City Football Club

Supporting the innovative self-funded operational model of the local Team and their excellent work in the local Community

International Fishing Companies [Undisclosed]

Turner European Consulting Ltd Directorial Appointments

James Banham FCA CF

Providing specialist support services including Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance, Company Analysis.

TECL Director James Banham’s business support Blog discusses the 4th Industrial Revolution, The human element, Navigating a business through 4IR, Leadership and much more. It also contains links to multiple useful toolkits that you can use for free:

Turner European Consulting Ltd Brokerage

Lloyds Bank logo

Lloyds Bank

Providing Growth Finance to SME.

Lovewell Blake logo

Lovewell Blake Accountants

Providing Statutory Accounting to SME.

Turner European Consulting Ltd Mentoring & Volunteering

Future First Schools Support Programme

‘Our vision is a world where a young person’s start in life does not limit their future.’

Turner European Consulting Ltd Investments

International Fishing Companies [Undisclosed]

Independent Food Company [Undisclosed]

Turner European Consulting Ltd

Turner European Consulting Ltd offers practical Sales, Distribution and Export services to Companies and Brands who want to sell more into Europe and beyond.

We use a network of warehouses, local and national distribution channels and privileged access to thousands of retail doors.

TECL specialise in languages and communication, combining business culture, negotiation styles and local market knowledge. TECL work in around 40 countries and markets are typically serviced in their preferred language.

TECL Business Services include Angel Investment, Change Management Consulting, Business Turnaround and bespoke market access.


Turner European Consulting Ltd distributes goods around the world on a daily basis.

Sophisticated logistics structures, Group Shipment hubs and Customs Warehouses are all employed to ensure the smooth movement of products into, around and out of the European Union.

TECL specialises in distribution to markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and is currently engaged in the establishment of regular trade routes into China.


Turner European Consulting Ltd has worked with recognisable International brands for a decade and has generated tens of millions of pounds for single brands.

Currently working discreetly with upwards of 40 brands, TECL continues to drive sales across an ever-expanding range of territories, harnessing the benefits of cross-pollination and economies of scale throughout the business.

Discretion is at the very heart of TECL operations and allows for complete trust.

Business Turnaround

Turner European Consulting Ltd have long specialised in the sensitive and effective analysis of businesses that require turnaround services.

Combining an understanding of the emotions and personal hurdles that need to be overcome to face structural renaissance, with a forensic and pragmatic approach to steps required and outcomes desired, TECL can provide you with clarity and renewed optimism.

Angel Investment

Turner European Consulting Ltd occasionally invests in businesses that have requested our Consulting services.

TECL have also targeted companies via Consulting or Brokerage services with the explicit aim of taking a stake in the business.


Brexit Management and contingency planning services are increasingly in demand. Options include setting up a European Company or subsidiary, partnering with a European Company, European Warehousing and Logistics solutions, Customs advice and practicalities, better understanding of European Business Culture and values, the barriers and opportunities presented by disruption, the practicalities of day-to-day International trading and sales, European purchasing strategies, Global trends, European Marketing, Exhibitions and promotion, Joint-Venture solutions, approaches to Currency Management and Currency Trading.

Access To World Markets

Providing access to World Markets is our speciality. We use a network of warehouses, local and national distribution channels and privileged access to thousands of retail doors.

Turner European Consulting Ltd provides exceptional access to markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

We are also currently focusing on distribution networks within China, which offers vast and exciting potential.

Our knowledge of Customs access, tender processes and state-controlled entities allow for deeper market insight and penetration.

Change Management

Turner European Consulting Ltd understands that operational systems can lead to grooved pathways, which in time can lead organisations to focus on the Internal rather than the External.

Growth itself can be challenging. Ensuring that efforts, resources and strategic focus remain centred on clients and consumers, rather than the internal mechanics of managing the growth, often benefits from non-executive and non-judgmental external support.


Turner European Consulting Ltd often provides Brokerage and Transaction Services to exclusive partners and stakeholder companies.

This exceptional facility has been used in acquisitions, sports agency and representation, the Pharmaceutical sector and asset purchases.

Made In England

Turner European Consulting Ltd has always endeavoured to promote the creation, development, manufacture and export of goods that have been Made in England.

Wherever possible we have extolled the virtues of products and brands with English origins.


Turner European Consulting Ltd prides itself on exceptional and absolute levels of confidentiality throughout the business.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are routinely signed with all Joint Venture, Partner companies and key stakeholders.

Discretion is at the very heart of TECL operations and allows for complete trust.


Partnered with innovative inventor and devised and operated Worldwide sales and Distribution network via multiple simultaneous supply models. Company sold successfully after a decade of profitable trading to listed International Company.

Created and implemented new Distribution structure across 15 countries for major International brand in the Sports Sector with revenues around €25 million via ahead of successful Company Sale to listed Company.

Created Joint-Venture International Sales and Purchasing Group with overall revenues in excess of €80million, servicing 40 countries directly and many more indirectly.

Negotiated with major UK Bank to avoid Bankruptcy for Hotel and Food Sector client, leading to turnaround, successful asset sale and an unexpected return to Private client of £250,000

Forensic analysis, systems re-evaluation, supplier negotiation and Insurance Company liaison to avoid Bankruptcy for Retail Sector client, leading to turnaround, successful asset sale and an unexpected return to Private client of £400,000+

Export Logistics

Export Sales & Marketing



Food & Drink


Company Analysis



First project 20 years ago, small English Brand name sold into 28 countries within 18 months and £2m of International revenues. Brand subsequently purchased and merged into Group of 8 companies, with £8m of revenues.

Good UK brand exported to 35 countries, generating €7m of extra export revenues. Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Merchandising and International Exhibitions all provided.

Finance provision to growing UK Start Ups, SME’s and major Companies. Up to £25m standard provision, greater financial support available subject to conditions.

Russian Biotech Company serviced as worldwide purchasing agent. Multiple sectors covered, 2-directional trade, wide-ranging provision of services. Up to £100m

World Boat Fishing Championships provided for Kazakhstan. Turner Kazakhstan Consulting LLP established in KZ, 40% owned by well-known KZ Family [Telecommunications]. Up to £1bn

Network of 3,000 European retailers created via multi-tier Distribution platforms, including B2B, B2C, regional wholesale and Stakeholder co-operatives.