James Banham FCA CF

Providing specialist support services including Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance, Company Analysis.

TECL is a Sales & Growth business. We help you generate more sales, more net profits and help you build resilience into your business.

We work closely with you, get inside your business, understand how it works, understand how you work. On a fundamental operational, financial and behavioural level. We do it to help you make more money, to encourage you to operate more efficiently, in a more focused and targeted way. Even to enjoy your business more.

At TECL we “Assess – Plan – Monitor”. The monitoring is fundamental to ensuring growth, and we can assist in ensuring that you get relevant, accurate and timely monthly financial information which focuses on your key growth drivers often referred to as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

A by product of the monthly financial data is that your year end statutory accounts are easily produced, no longer will these be a source of information or even relevant to the running of your business. We help you create a really meaningful live picture of where your business is, where it has been, where it makes its money, where the net profits are really driven from (its economic drivers), and an action plan to take it to where YOU want it to go.

We will do all of this with a positive, coaching mindset. We will be transparent, we will share all of our knowledge, expertise and connections with you. We will make you stronger.

TECL Director James Banham’s business support Blog discusses the 4th Industrial Revolution, The human element, Navigating a business through 4IR, Leadership and much more. It also contains links to multiple useful toolkits that you can use for free:

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