Consulting Site Visit


In the first instance we would be willing to visit you, your Company and operations to better understand both the support that you envision and the services that we can provide to you to help you achieve your objectives. This initial fact-finding visit would be at a cost of £350 and we would expect to spend a full working day understanding better your position, aims and potential direction of travel for all. A TECL Preliminary Report is produced at this stage as part of the evaluation process.

There will be no obligation following this visit on either side. It is our stated policy to only work with clients that we are confident that we can develop in accordance with their wishes and the requirements of their business. Some clients like time-limited, specific-objective models, whilst others continue to work with us after a decade or more of partnership. We have a number of potential support models, based on both what suits the client and the input required to achieve meaningful Company development. All such support models will come with a clear Commercial Agreement as standard with all clients.

Should you wish to proceed, we will send you a standard TECL Non-Disclosure Agreement in advance of our visit to protect both you and ourselves when sharing Company information.

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