Turner European Consulting Ltd distributes goods around the world on a daily basis.

Sophisticated logistics structures, Group Shipment hubs and Customs Warehouses are all employed to ensure the smooth movement of products into, around and out of the European Union.

TECL specialises in distribution to markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and is currently engaged in the establishment of regular trade routes into China.


Turner European Consulting Ltd has worked with recognisable International brands for a decade and has generated tens of millions of pounds for single brands.

Currently working discreetly with upwards of 40 brands, TECL continues to drive sales across an ever-expanding range of territories, harnessing the benefits of cross-pollination and economies of scale throughout the business.

Discretion is at the very heart of TECL operations and allows for complete trust.

Business Turnaround

Turner European Consulting Ltd have long specialised in the sensitive and effective analysis of businesses that require turnaround services.

Combining an understanding of the emotions and personal hurdles that need to be overcome to face structural renaissance, with a forensic and pragmatic approach to steps required and outcomes desired, TECL can provide you with clarity and renewed optimism.

Angel Investment

Turner European Consulting Ltd occasionally invests in businesses that have requested our Consulting services.

TECL have also targeted companies via Consulting or Brokerage services with the explicit aim of taking a stake in the business.


Brexit Management and contingency planning services are increasingly in demand. Options include setting up a European Company or subsidiary, partnering with a European Company, European Warehousing and Logistics solutions, Customs advice and practicalities, better understanding of European Business Culture and values, the barriers and opportunities presented by disruption, the practicalities of day-to-day International trading and sales, European purchasing strategies, Global trends, European Marketing, Exhibitions and promotion, Joint-Venture solutions, approaches to Currency Management and Currency Trading.

Access To World Markets

Providing access to World Markets is our speciality. We use a network of warehouses, local and national distribution channels and privileged access to thousands of retail doors.

Our knowledge of Customs access, tender processes and state-controlled entities allow for deeper market insight and penetration.

Change Management

Turner European Consulting Ltd understands that operational systems can lead to grooved pathways, which in time can lead organisations to focus on the Internal rather than the External.

Growth itself can be challenging. Ensuring that efforts, resources and strategic focus remain centred on clients and consumers, rather than the internal mechanics of managing the growth, often benefits from non-executive and non-judgmental external support.


Turner European Consulting Ltd often provides Brokerage and Transaction Services to exclusive partners and stakeholder companies.

This exceptional facility has been used in acquisitions, sports agency and representation, the Pharmaceutical sector and asset purchases.

Made In England

Turner European Consulting Ltd has always endeavoured to promote the creation, development, manufacture and export of goods that have been Made in England.

Wherever possible we have extolled the virtues of products and brands with English origins.


Turner European Consulting Ltd prides itself on exceptional and absolute levels of confidentiality throughout the business.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are routinely signed with all Joint Venture, Partner companies and key stakeholders.

Discretion is at the very heart of TECL operations and allows for complete trust.